Nexefy team members doing amazing work

Amazing training never gets in the way of impactful learning

While this may sound like a riddle, it’s simpler than it seems – we prioritise thoughtful design. This phrase is often confused with “making it pretty”, which our solutions certainly are. But thoughtful design is so much more than that.

Thoughtful design is in our DNA, and it shows in our work. From the very first flow-chart our learning designers construct to the impactful and beautiful imagery our visual and motion designers bring to life, right down to the last bit of intricate code our developers write, it’s all done with the purpose, clarity and outcome of the learning in mind. As a result, our products create reliable and measurable change for our customers.

Nexefy team members doing amazing work
User in VR

Our Story

Nexefy may seem like new kids on the block, but we’ve spent the last decade blending our love of engaging storytelling with cutting-edge technology to bring learning to life. You may have crossed paths with us when we were known as Croomo, or when we combined forces with Compono to solve intriguing problems in the world of work.

No matter how you’ve come to know about us, it’s clear that we’ve always been curious about how people learn and passionate about finding the most effective way to make it happen.

We’re constantly evolving, honing our techniques and discovering new technology, which makes us uniquely qualified to solve the skills shortage in your organisation.

Meet the Team

Business Development

Schalk Pienaar

CEO / Founder

Merlijn Knol

Product Growth Manager

Chris Le Marshal

Business Development

Eli Samuelu

Art Director

Jane Besley

Legal and Commercial


Tanya Fraiser

Product Manager

Brett Wisseman

3D Content Lead

Nick Maunder

Lead Unity Developer

Rob Ware

Solutions Design Lead

Ethan Scott

Senior ID

Peter Davis

Senior 3D Artist

Steve Jones

Senior 3D Artist

Thomas Evans

Senior 3D Artist

Curtis Agnew

3D Artist

Jessica Lucas

UX Designer

Masaki Katsukawa

Unity Developer

Jameson Hartel

Unity Developer

Isaac Dart

XR Developer

Digital Learning

James Skelton

Product Manager

Kevin Brew

Senior ID

Henno Kotze

Senior ID

Lara Roche

Art Director

Sam Martin

Lead Motion Designer

Greg Smith

Senior Videographer

Marcus Hoenig

Senior eLearning Developer

Boaz Paz

Visual Designer

Jade McAllister

Visual Designer

Leah Falcocchio

Visual Designer

Jennifer Rickward

Motion Designer

Sanjay Santhosh

Motion Designer

Alice Rosewarne

eLearning Developer

Caitanya West

Junior Graphic Designer

We are nothing without our people

Access to the best tech in the industry gives us an edge, but our people are our most valuable asset. We’ve spent years building a supportive, fun and creative culture that attracts some of the best talent in the field.

Nexefy culture