Engaging, Robust and Accessible

Nexefy’s integrated training combines the engaging, real-world VR element of our immersive learning design with the robust interactivity, accessibility and portability of our digital learning framework.

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Real world design - Truck and driver render

Practical, real-world design

Our integrated learning solutions offer the tactile and visually stunning design ethic of our immersive training, with scenario-based activities that virtually place you front-and-centre in the learning.

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Cohesive deployment

Combined with our digital learning framework, our integrated learning offers unique interactivity, accessibility and portability while utilising established visual assets of existing immersive environments. The result is a cohesive learning suite in which learners easily recognise prior and future training.

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Motivate, engage & immerse

Impactful, stunning and realistic immersive design approach combined with the engaging interactivity of our digital learning framework.

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Learner-centred design

Highly engaging immersive, practical, and interactive scenario-based assessment.

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Consistent training & assessment

Without relying on physical assets, suitable weather or specific time constraints.

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Access from our LMS or your own

Learning modalities that can be deployed anywhere and integrate seamlessly into your system.

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of Train guard MT training moved away from physical simulator

Integrated Learning Project:

Aurizon Train Guard

Aurizon uses a train control system, Trainguard, which previously relied on physical simulator hardware to train their people. This learning project was designed to replace the reliance on the simulator and provide practical and engaging training that enabled greater accessibility.

Our integrated learning approach adapted the Trainguard content, making it practical and tangible by utilising assets created for existing immersive VR solutions deployed within Aurizon. These realistic environments enabled the learner to experience the content in its real-life context and structure, matching and outperforming the efficacy of the simulator. Aurizon has since moved 100% of their Trainguard training away from the physical simulator, removing accessibility bottlenecks while receiving fantastic user feedback.

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