Increased engagement & reduced costs

Nexefy specialises in state-of-the-art immersive training to increase engagement and safety while reducing the cost of in-person training.

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improvement in employee performance

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reduction in training time

Helicopter and ground crew render

Targeted & immersive training

We've collaborated with numerous government organisations and industry leaders to provide deeply immersive training solutions suited to our customer's specific requirements.

Digital twin representatives of real-world assets

Enable better decision-making and training outcomes

by creating digital twin representatives of real-world assets. Enable smarter, more efficient decision-making by connecting data, procedures and interactive 3D and immersive training packages to your virtual environments.

Digital twin representatives of real-world assets
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Maximise learner engagement

Boost training effectiveness with interactive and realistic immersive experiences.

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Consistent training & assessment

Without relying on physical assets, suitable weather or specific time constraints.

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Eliminate risk & improved delivery

Ensure training outcome and performance by delivering it in a safe, repeatable environment.

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Reduce training costs

Improve time and cost-effectiveness in deployment, without relying on employee travel or available machinery.

45 percent graph

reduction in reliance on scarce operational rollingstock (locomotive & wagons)

Immersive Project:


Together with Aurizon, we developed a series of practical immersive activities that reduce the reliance on operational resources and assets as part of Aurizon’s Driver Training program, to complement the existing Shunt School training.

Following the introduction of VR training resources, reliance on scarce operational rollingstock (locomotives and wagons) has significantly reduced by approximately 45%. Consequently, the associated labour costs have halved as the requirement for Train Drivers to operate the locomotives has been reduced. This in turn enabled these key assets to deliver Aurizon’s valuable customer contracts.

Immersive Project:

Kiwi Rail

We worked with KiwiRail in 2020 and 2021 to create virtual practical training for the Yard and Locomotive Engineer programmes (Yardschool and Air Brake & Mechanical) comprising 23 separate VR activities. Both VR training solutions were designed to meet the business need to replace physical training when vehicles and wagons are unavailable.

With the introduction of our immersive solution, KiwiRail has improved the learning experience for new trainees and increased learner confidence compared to relying solely on training with live wagons. Implementing the Yard and Locomotive Engineer programmes has allowed them to increase the actual time for practical learning by 25%, with the learners taking turns on the practical asset in the Yard and the virtual assets in the classroom.

25 percent graph

increase in capacity for practical learning

LearnX Platinum Award Winner 2020

Best VR Hard Skill Training project

2021 & 2020

LearnX Platinum Award Winner 2020

Best VR Hard Skill Training project

2021 & 2020

LearnX Platinum Award Winner 2020

Best VR Hard Skill Training project

2021 & 2020

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