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Industry-specific solutions

Partner with us to create digital learning for your industry. Our specialised expertise in 2D and 3D training will create impactful and memorable learning experiences to meet your objectives and suit your needs.

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of employers expect their workers will need to train on the job

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of workers will require reskilling in the next 5 years

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Expert collaboration

Each course is heavily researched and created in collaboration with subject matter experts.

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Motivate & engage

Impactful, stunning visuals and interactivity that engage learners and encourage knowledge retention.

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Learner-centred design

We make the learning stick with highly engaging and practical scenario-based assessment.

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Access from our LMS or your own

Learning modalities that can be deployed anywhere and integrate seamlessly into your system.

Digital Learning Project:

Skills Library

The World Economic Forum estimates that, in the next five years, approximately 40% of workers will require reskilling, and 94% of employers expect their workers will need to train on the job. In direct response to this skills gap, Nexefy Skills Library has created a suite of training solutions focussing on the varied skill categories:
Onboarding | Essential Skills | Business Skills | Future Skills

With expert collaborators, stunning visuals, interactivity, and practical scenario-based assessment, we've combined industry-specific skills, personal development, safety and compliance training into one award-winning library.

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LearnX Gold Award 2021

Best Learning and Development Project People & Performance


LearnX Gold Award 2021

Best Learning & Development Project Sales Training


LearnX Gold Award 2021

Best Learning & Development Project Technical Training


LearnX Platinum Award Winner 2020

Best video e-Learning Design


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